Sage Digital ENDEC

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Sage Digital ENDEC EAS CAP

Sage Digital ENDEC

Digital ENDEC at a Glance:
• Digital I/O 
• Network, e-mail and FTP capabilities
• Online interface 
• Internal automatic scheduler

The Sage Digital ENDEC offers an internal AES/EBU interface, LAN support, and a Web Browser based interface to support a new generation of EAS users. While the Digital ENDEC continues to support Radio, TV, and Cable users, it also supports the first responders and state/county/local emergency centers with emerging standards such as IPAWS and CAP. Future-proof, it is designed to be ready for future revisions to the EAS system.

Sage Digital ENDEC Features: 
• 6 audio inputs 
• 6 serial ports 
• Encoder and Microphone input 
• 4x20 LCD display 
• Internal speaker and Line Out 
• Four contact closures 
• Five GPIO inputs 
• Web-Based control 
• 10/100 Base-T LAN support 
• 2 USB connectors for printers, additional serial ports, future expansion 
• Software is stored in FLASH and is updatable via the LAN or the USB interface 
• AES/EBU Digital Audio Interrupt with active switching 
• 64 MByte onboard storage for log files 
• Totally solid-state memory storage for reliable operation - no hard drive



Common Alerting Protocol 

Sage has already demonstrated CAP compatibility through its work with users in several groups in the US and Canada, and by participating in interoperability demonstrations such as the FEMA demo at NAB in April 2010, and in the pilot conformity test for CAP 1.2 and the IPAWS profile. We continue to work through industry groups such as the EAS-CAP Industry Group ( to enhance interoperability standards and to keep the ENDEC updated with the latest versions. Sage will provide a free update to bring its software into compliance when the final version of the protocols are announced by FEMA, expected in the fall of 2010.