Rohn 25G Tower 50 Feet

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400.00 LBS
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1 unit
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Rohn Products LLC - 25G - 25G 50ft 110MPH Rev G/90MPH Rev F Guyed Tower

Rohn Products LLC - 25G - 25G 50ft 110MPH Rev G/90MPH Rev F Guyed Tower


The ROHN complete guyed tower kits make it easier than ever for you to get everything you need for your next tower installation. The ROHN R-25G110R050 50-ft guyed tower kit contains all hardware necessary to construct a complete 50-ft guyed tower suitable for use in areas with 110mph Rev. G/90mph Rev. F wind speeds. See recommended maximum loadings below. The tower kit includes:

(4) Standard 10-ft 25G tower sections
(1) Tapered top section with 18-in mounting pipe
(1) Concrete base plate
(2) Guy brackets
(350-ft) 3/16-in EHS guy strand
(12) 3/16-in big grips
(12) 5/16-in thimbles
(6) ½-in eye and jaw turnbuckles
(3) Guy anchors
(1) Anchor grounding kit
(3) Tower base grounding kits
(3) Guy wire ground clamps
(1) Pier pin
(3) Turnbuckle safety kits


Tower Height 50 ft
EPA, 70 MPH, No Ice 0
EPA, 70 MPH, 1/2 Ice 0 in
EPA, 90 MPH, No Ice 0
EPA, 90 MPH, 1/2 Ice 0 in
EPA, 110 MPH, No Ice 0
EPA, 110 MPH, 1/2 Ice 0 in
Base Pier Foundation Design CB1G (See Standard Foundation Designs Attachment)
Anchor Block Design AB2 (See Standard Anchor Block Designs Attachment)
Inner Anchor Block Design N/A
Load Location Top
Outer Anchor Block Design N/A
Inner Anchor Shaft N/A
Leg Size 1.25 in
Leg Type Tubular
Leg Connection Double-bolted slip-fit
Outer Anchor Shaft N/A
Bracing Size 5/16 in
Guy Strand Size (in) 3/16
Brace Connection Welded
Engineering Pre-engineered
Bracing Type Solid Serpentine
Climbing Application Incorporated into tower face
Type of Line Support N/A - Attach directly to bracing members
Maximum Sidearm Length (ft) 3
Tower Type Guyed
Sector Mount Compatible No
Platform Compatible No
Mfg. Warranty 1 Year
The ROHN 25G is available in the standard 10-ft sections length and a 7-ft length with is UPS shippable. The 25G uses double-bolted joints, proven to be the best method of joining tower sections for sturdiness and dependability. As a guyed structure the ROHN 25G can rise to a maximum of 190-ft. The 25G sections can also be used in a bracketed configuration and as a freestanding tower up to 40-ft.

  • Completely hot-dip galvanized after fabrication
  • Accessories for the 25G are the same as the 20G and are completely interchangeable
  • Built on 12 ½-in equilateral triangle design
  • High-strength tubular legs joined by Zig-Zag cross members
  • Each 10-ft section contains all required nuts and bolts inside one leg
  • Extra heavy-duty 1 ¼-in steel tubing side rails
  • Continuous solid steel rod bracing
  • Standard guys provided with each standard tower include an additional 6% length
  • Anchor grounding and base grounding are included with the tower material
  • Tower designs are in accordance with ANSI/TIA-222-F-1996 and ANSI/TIA-222-G-2005, Class I Structures
  • Design assumes towers are installed on level ground. Lower EPA values will apply for roof-mounted towers or for sites located on unusual terrain
  • Designs assume (2) 2 ½-in diameter lines on each face
  • Anchor radius is from tower base to intersection of anchor rod with ground
  • Tower designs and guy chord lengths shown are based on level ground. Initial tensions for guys in pounds at 60° F are shown in ( ).
  • Antenna and mounts are assumed symetrically placed at the tower top